Team I’mPossible

I believe none of my colleague would object to the analogy that Cathay Hospitality Management is the hotel version of Mission Impossible.


When HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung first opened in 2015, Mainland tourist volume was on a sharp decline and we had yet to establish a solid customer base. Although the sales team faced a formidable challenge in market development, we have always been confident that our brand is market-worthy and expandable. By implementing adaptive marketing strategies, HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung and the sales team worked hand in hand to achieve company target within a mere two years. We will always remember the pride and joy of our accomplishment!


The opening line of Taiwanese writer Liu Yong’s Exceed Yourself  reads: “Our strongest opponent may not be someone else, but rather ourselves! Before we exceed others, we must exceed ourselves!” Indeed! When pursuing your career, financial gains itself is fulfilling, what more can be more fulfilling than to transcend your limits and rise above your potential?


As a member of Cathay Hospitality Management, I feel especially proud because we are never daunted by market challenges. To reach our goals, we are all willing to roll with the punches and learn along the way. I believe everyone on the team is a wizard from Hogwarts School. Are you ready to join?


Joanne Wang
Director of Sales

My CHM Story: From Seed to Tree


Founded in 2012, Cathay Hospitality Management (CHM) has grown from a scale of single digit employees to several hundred in a short span. From the establishment of the headquarter and preparation office to the construction, opening and operation of five hotel branches, we have witnessed the arduous steps taken in the history and development of the company. The team’s persistence in maintaining brand standard and service quality, as well as its tireless efforts in tweaking and adjusting, have culminated in its remarkable performance and market presence.


CHM has dedicated itself to brand cultivation, talent training, organizational and tech-driven development, business expansion, efficiency maximization and other dimensions of hospitality industry. Although it is a local hotel company under Cathay Real Estate Group, all its arrangements and operation protocols adhere to international 5-star hotel standards. From written document (such as SOP, P&P and R&R) to establishment of new hotel branches, CHM follows comprehensive  corporate structure and norms. This demonstrates the dedication of the group’s management and has set a firm and sound foundation for this self-made brand.


I have led the team at HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan for approximately two years. Unlike other branches, Ximen Tainan is currently the only hotel within the group positioned as a leisure, resort style establishment. Located in the prime area of the historical Tainan City, the hotel allures visitors with local gourmet, convenient access, family recreations, distinct culture and other advantages. Having Inherited the human-oriented spirit of the group, our team value autonomy, collaboration, creativity, discipline, performance, and other key point strategies in management. Through the team’s selfless and in-sync coordination, methodical protocols, and the advantages intrinsic to Great Tainan Region, Ximen Tainan branch has gained a firm foothold in the local market and won affirmation from guests in three years since its opening.


I am exceedingly proud to be a member of the CHM team. The experience of growing a tree from seed is a precious one for all my teammates in their careers. Looking back, we have endured the hardship of starting from scratch. Looking at now, we are continually improving ourselves. Looking forward, we aim to strengthen our brand and move toward business diversification. For those who have not had the opportunity to participate in our past, we welcome you join us now and shine with us in the future!


Jalen Wang
Former Hotel Director at HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan

Mission Accomplished During Turbulent Times

Running hotel operations is just like managing any sports team. In it, we have team members playing various positions while General Manager helps the team score a “win” as a coach. Our passionate and youthful team coordinates smoothly between departments to fulfill guests’ highest expectations in accommodations, food & beverage and conferences.

In 2017, Minsheng Taipei and Zhongxiao Taipei finished the year with the highest annual revenue since its opening. To achieve our goal, we optimized our service quality, trained and retrained our team. To offer the best service quality possible, we anticipate guests’ needs and budget accordingly. We wanted to provide the right product at the right place. It’s also the same year we launched AMAZZING CLUB, Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS), and received the carbon footprint certification for our efforts in building a greener planet for everybody. Also, GSS helps us understand our guests’ preference and why they chose HOTEL COZZI. With all the right data, we get to provide the right product at the right time.

As a mid-size property, HOTEL COZZI strives to bring guests a sense of home during their journey. From our decor to the experience during their stay, HOTEL COZZI continues to impress guests with its unique service style – “service with a heartbeat”. That’s why many of them have chosen us as their primary destination for business travels, family trips or romantic getaways.

It takes a village to build a successful brand. At HOTEL COZZI, it’s the combined effort from operations, sales and communications. Everyone works hard at delivering the famous Cozzi Experience – Sleep Cozzi, Eat Cozzi, Get Cozzi, Tech Cozzi and Stay Cozzi. You can’t shortcut your way to success. That’s why we learn and grow together daily with a humble heart. Love what you do and that’s how you stay motivated for challenges ahead.


Sherry Chang
Hotel Director at HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei & Zhongxiao Taipei