Don’t let “Nothing” Stop You


Have you heard of Logan Hsu?

Logan Hsu was once a polio patient who could not walk out of his room without assistance. Now, he is a lecturer and author who can touch countless hearts and minds within a mere eight minutes of stage time.

The theme of his speech is “Don’t just look at what’s missing. Instead, turn your plight into might.” He sees that many people start complaining when conditions and circumstances are not good. However, complaining depletes their energy. By taking your eyes off of what is missing, you will change your mindset as well as the way that you confront and handle challenges –and you will have very different results.

Our company’s Employee Creative Proposal Reward Program was launched this year, which aims to give room for our employees’ creative ideas to help the company develop further and faster. If you feel that anything could be improved about the way you work or the way you are supported by the company’s systems, do not let those missing or weak links stand in your way. Tell us your comments and suggestions. We will take them to heart in order to improve the efficiency of the work that we all do together.

Change your mindset and change the world around you!