Team I’mPossible

I believe none of my colleague would object to the analogy that Cathay Hospitality Management is the hotel version of Mission Impossible.


When HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung first opened in 2015, Mainland tourist volume was on a sharp decline and we had yet to establish a solid customer base. Although the sales team faced a formidable challenge in market development, we have always been confident that our brand is market-worthy and expandable. By implementing adaptive marketing strategies, HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung and the sales team worked hand in hand to achieve company target within a mere two years. We will always remember the pride and joy of our accomplishment!


The opening line of Taiwanese writer Liu Yong’s Exceed Yourself  reads: “Our strongest opponent may not be someone else, but rather ourselves! Before we exceed others, we must exceed ourselves!” Indeed! When pursuing your career, financial gains itself is fulfilling, what more can be more fulfilling than to transcend your limits and rise above your potential?


As a member of Cathay Hospitality Management, I feel especially proud because we are never daunted by market challenges. To reach our goals, we are all willing to roll with the punches and learn along the way. I believe everyone on the team is a wizard from Hogwarts School. Are you ready to join?


Joanne Wang
Director of Sales