Thank You Card from a Foreign Guest in Chinese!


Compared to front desk receptionists or restaurant staff, room attendants have fewer opportunities to interact with guests. However, throughout my career as a room attendant, there has been one touching incident that remains fresh in my memory.


Five years ago, a long-stay guest at HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei forgot to turn off the “Do Not Disturb” sign while she was out for two days. Adhering to hotel protocol, no housekeeping was done during her absence. When the guest returned to the hotel that night, she realized her oversight and requested for housekeeping service. Her face was filled was apology when I entered the room. I greeted her cheerfully and reassuringly, and proceeded with the cleaning.


On the day she checked out, she handed me a card in person. On the card were my name and “Thank you” in Chinese! Later on, my colleagues told me that the guest took the trouble to ask the front desk staff to teach her to write the Chinese characters stroke by stroke. I felt her sincerity deeply, and this meaningful recognition has become a memory I cherish to this day.


Ivy Chang
Asst. Housekeeping Manager at HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei