Almighty One Person Serves All


I have been working at Cathay Hospitality Management for five years since 2013. The most exceptional aspect of CHM is our one-of-a-kind “One Person Service”, where the front desk staff extend all-around service including guest reception, check in, breakfast service, tour consultation, check out, baggage check service, transfer arrangement and more. For someone who was a conventional hotel receptionist like myself, this concept is novel, challenging, and a learning experience.


Through this service style, we are able to interact more closely and frequently with the guests. To elevate communication skills, the junior staff would observe and reenact the actions demonstrated by the supervisors. COZZI front desk staff must be equipped with multiple skills and the will to constantly learn and practice, until they can juggle a myriad of tasks with aplomb. This gives our job different excitement and freshness every day. It is a manager’s pride to see coworkers transform from greenhorns to professionals.


I truly enjoy the process of delivering “One Person Service”. Even more, I enjoy working with the front desk team and sharing the achievements together. Whenever guests express their satisfaction with a genuine smile, we know that we have brought forth service with a heartbeat.


Korine Ko
Front Office Asst. Manager at HOTEL COZZI Zhongxiao Taipei

Thank You Card from a Foreign Guest in Chinese!


Compared to front desk receptionists or restaurant staff, room attendants have fewer opportunities to interact with guests. However, throughout my career as a room attendant, there has been one touching incident that remains fresh in my memory.


Five years ago, a long-stay guest at HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei forgot to turn off the “Do Not Disturb” sign while she was out for two days. Adhering to hotel protocol, no housekeeping was done during her absence. When the guest returned to the hotel that night, she realized her oversight and requested for housekeeping service. Her face was filled was apology when I entered the room. I greeted her cheerfully and reassuringly, and proceeded with the cleaning.


On the day she checked out, she handed me a card in person. On the card were my name and “Thank you” in Chinese! Later on, my colleagues told me that the guest took the trouble to ask the front desk staff to teach her to write the Chinese characters stroke by stroke. I felt her sincerity deeply, and this meaningful recognition has become a memory I cherish to this day.


Ivy Chang
Asst. Housekeeping Manager at HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei

Fleeting Smile, Forever Magic


There is a VIP guest who checks in with a solemn demeanor, responding merely with a small nod when we greet her. She always conveys her requests in an aloof, matter-of-factly manner. Therefore, the front desk staff are cautious and mindful when attending to her.


One time, when my colleague was taking her luggage to her room, she asked the luggage to be placed at a designated spot. This detail was recorded duly in our VIP file. Since then, the front desk staff who serve her would handle her luggage the same way, making her feel at ease. Despite her solemnness, we continue to receive her with professionalism and enthusiasm, sincerely caring about how she has been lately. To our delight, after staying with us several times, she started to smile back. Her momentary smile is a great encouragement to us.


In addition to doing our utmost to satisfy our guests’ needs and requests, the service team at MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL is always in tune, reminding each other to pay attention to minute details.This is the Madison way of extending our first-rate hospitality.


We are always enthused and encouraged when our guests express their gratification with a smile. It is a magical power that inspire us to continue serving travelers and guests that step into this home away from home.


Ru Lee
Madison Chief Concierge at MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL

Cooperation Facilitates Improvement and Growth

Dividing work plays an essential part in hotel operations. Therefore, instead of accomplishing everything alone, it requires the effort of all team members to achieve the goal.

In a 40-person conference project we undertook the other day, the guest made a request for a Chinese round table style dinner banquet in the same venue after the conference. As it will take a minimum of one hour to switch the setting, sales staff negotiated with the guest to see if it was possible to change the Chinese banquet to western set dinner or to use round tables for the conference. The guest insisted on the original request and asked the switch be done within an hour. We accepted the challenge and promised the guest thorough and satisfying service.

For the conference and banquet to run smoothly, we spared no effort to preplan manpower arrangement, duty assignment, and material preparation. In the process, the staff demonstrated their resourcefulness by preparing supplies and materials for the Chinese banquet while the meeting was in progress, speeding up the switch by half an hour. The guests were delighted and the banquet ended perfectly!

From this experience, we learned that teamwork enables all participants to demonstrate their expertise and inspire creativity, spurring us to improve and grow together continually.


Fay Chuang
Restaurant Manager at HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung

Best Teamwork in Town

In Taipei City, you can usually judge how well a hotel team could work together during the chaotic Chinese New Year week. As the occupancy rates shoot through the roof, it’s a norm to see a large number of guests check in and check out everyday. With everything piling up on top of each other, it poses a great challenge both physically and mentally.

I still remember the day from last year when the night shift colleagues showed up to help unannounced. Because of their helpful gesture, I got to focus on my part of work to make sure that all guests check into a clean and well-prepared rooms. Everyone else also offered a helping hand as soon as they finished their task. My heart nearly burst with joy for working alongside with such a wonderful team.

Kiki Hsueh
Asst. Housekeeping Manager at HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan