Don’t let “Nothing” Stop You


Have you heard of Logan Hsu?

Logan Hsu was once a polio patient who could not walk out of his room without assistance. Now, he is a lecturer and author who can touch countless hearts and minds within a mere eight minutes of stage time.

The theme of his speech is “Don’t just look at what’s missing. Instead, turn your plight into might.” He sees that many people start complaining when conditions and circumstances are not good. However, complaining depletes their energy. By taking your eyes off of what is missing, you will change your mindset as well as the way that you confront and handle challenges –and you will have very different results.

Our company’s Employee Creative Proposal Reward Program was launched this year, which aims to give room for our employees’ creative ideas to help the company develop further and faster. If you feel that anything could be improved about the way you work or the way you are supported by the company’s systems, do not let those missing or weak links stand in your way. Tell us your comments and suggestions. We will take them to heart in order to improve the efficiency of the work that we all do together.

Change your mindset and change the world around you!

A Different Hotel for an Extraordinary You


Working at a hotel after experiences in other industries, you discover that hotel employees exude an air of affability. They are graceful, meticulous, soft-spoken and usually poised under pressure. A people person would love this type of work atmosphere.


Hotels under Cathay Hospitality Management (CHM) exhibit fast-paced and innovative qualities rarely seen amongst other hotels. The company’s strategies and development reflect its core value “Change, Creative and Connection.” CHM’s fast pace is applied to hotel openings, brand establishments and decision making; its innovativeness is evident in its corporate structure, professional trainings and all-round versatile talent development.


Companies love to hire employees from CHM for their cross-departmental know-how as well as proactive, thoughtful and cooperative nature. Our brand story depicts everyday tales at each hotel, and our brand concepts allow all guests to wholeheartedly experience our warmth and exquisite hospitality. There are no pretentiousness or overelaborate formalities as everything is as natural as it can be—just like home.


We shoulder a tremendous responsibility for building this atmosphere and cultivating professionals. Other companies have standard human resources departments; we, however, position talent management and development as a true-blue business. We offer a systematic training program that starts from undergraduate internship, including comprehensive orientation and department training, as well as seasonal assemblies and meetups to track interns’ progress. After probation period, interns usually comment as follows: “Thanks to the supervisors’ patient instruction, I have evolved from a hotel rookie to an independent hotel employee.”


We customize training programs for junior, senior and executive leaders, with emphasis on all-round multifaceted development. Every CHM employee has a clear development roadmap that allows him or her to become an independent talent in the shortest timespan possible. By choosing to work at CHM, you can become a future leader, an elite operations talent and more.


In addition to employee training and development, we offer benefits and perks that merit us an award for “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” assessment, conducted by HR Asia Magazine for the first time in Taiwan. Furthermore, unlike other single hotel entries, CHM has entered 2018 Talent Quality Management System (TTQS) assessment as a group of five hotels. It is a first-time endeavor, and we honorably received silver award.


If you like hospitality industry, don’t miss out on working at a hotel; if you want to become a professional hotel talent, don’t miss out on working at CHM. CHM offers different hotels for an extraordinary you!


Rita Chu
Executive Human Resources Officer

“AI Cannot Do My Job!”


Many people often ask me: “What effect does artificial intelligence (AI) have on my job? Will I be unemployed in my middle age? If AI is so powerful, how can I adjust myself when I have to work with AI systems in the future?”


The wide application of cutting-edge automation system has been greatly discussed. With the rapid development of AI, its technology will further mature as time passes. How many jobs will be replaced by AI? In fact, this technology has already been applied in the hospitality industry, including automatic check-in machines, room entry system using facial recognition technology, as well as robots taking orders and meal auto-delivery system.


I would ask them: “What do you think cannot be done by AI and thus cannot be taken away from us?”


If we constantly contemplate what AI can achieve, we would soon forget what we are capable of doing.


AI can simulate emotions and create “products” through the utilization of big data. However, it cannot provide us a touching, heart-warming smile. The most determining difference between mankind and technology is that we are capable of exhibiting caring attitude and performing innovative acts.


Sun TzuI wrote in “The Art of War”: “It is better to win the heart of the people than to capture the city.”  To understand one’s mind and influence one’s behavior is the path to success. Applying this concept to our career, we should strive to enhance our professional and personal capacity, bringing forth warmth and creativity that cannot be replaced or replicated by the AI. By doing so, even the most advanced technology will not render us jobless.


Technology may be able to deliver adequate response and service in a mere three seconds, but it cannot make complex, split-second decisions. Through work experiences, we aim to become versatile, multi-skilled professionals filled with warmth and creativity. Starting from this moment, we must change our mindset and elevate our vocational abilities.


Then, we can say it loud and proud: “AI cannot do my job!”


Audrey Kuan
Director of Talent Strategy Department

Have You Got What It Takes?