CHM Awarded “2018 Best Companies to Work For In Asia”

HR Asia Magazine conducted an assessment for “Best Companies to Work For In Asia” for the first time in Taiwan. Hundreds of companies took part, and nearly 5,000 employees completed the questionnaire. Recognized for its efforts in talent training and development, Cathay Hospitality Management (CHM) has the honor of being awarded “2018 Best Companies to Work For In Asia”.

CHM is committed to foster enthusiastic, first-rate hotel talents, where all employee training and counseling programs are implemented by a professional training team. Through unique cross-brand and multifunctional organization structure, employees are given the opportunity to experience different brands, enabling them to expand work skill repertoire and enhance comprehensive abilities.

Take the “Elite Seed Program” for example, the program trains high-performing junior managers from each department through interaction and specially designed courses. This allows potential talents to gain in-depth understanding of their counterparts’ job description and work know-how, so that individuals from different professions or positions do not feel worlds apart. Furthermore, potential talents will be thoroughly informed of company’s vision and strategy, paving the way to middle, senior and even executive management roles.


Phyllis Wan Hua Chuang, General Manager of CHM, stated the following: “Employees are the cornerstone of success for CHM. Only through our employees can we convey genuine hospitality and solid professionalism to our guests. In line with the company’s new motto ‘Think Big and Broaden Your Horizon’, talent training and development is a vital corporate responsibility. Unlike rigid work division traditionally practiced in the hospitality industry, CHM’s versatile organizational structure allows employees to experience multiple brands and works, perceive matters from different levels, and understand the responsibility and accountability involved. In the future, we look forward to our employees growing with the company. Together we will elevate to a higher dimension and wider horizon.”

Having inherited the highly esteemed culture from its parent company, CHM is committed to create an open, diverse and supportive working environment, complete with employee-centric welfare system and talent programs, all of which contributed to a boost in employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more likely to engage in work and extend wholehearted service, bringing forth customer satisfaction, positive feedbacks, repeated visits and eventually customer loyalty. This virtuous cycle elicits a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

Riding on a wave of success, not only has CHM recently established a hotel management and consulting company, it will be opening its sixth hotel under the HOTEL COZZI brand featuring Blue City aquarium theme in Taoyuan in 2020. We look forward to the growth and excitement that is sure to follow in the coming years.